Pictures can be deceiving

Ah, the pictures in the cookbooks can be so deceiving and they really truly are either "staged" or photo shopped...I swear.  My cooking never turns out like the pictures.  Most of my dishes come out looking like limp versions of the photos.  However, I am getting better at the whole presentation thing.

Here is the photo from the cookbook:

  Here is my finished product:

So, lighting aside, and minus the fancy-schmancy plates, they look pretty similar.  Tasted pretty darn good too.  I am no gourmand and I don't have any technique but I can say that I'm trying to make more tasty meals that my kids will eat.  I am not Martha Stewart or even Rachel Ray...just a mom with a mission - to make sure my kids grow up healthy, eating right and getting the best variety of foods possible.  We are capable of making our children well-rounded eaters and lovers of all kinds of food.  "Food explorers" is what my mom always called us.  We tried everything.  I'm proud to say my children eat their vegetables, fruits, liverwurst (my daughters' favorite), and they are willing to try anything.  I also must admit that in the spirit of being food explorers we've accidentally turned our son into a sushi lover.  Whenever we ask him what he'd like for dinner his answer is more often than not, "Sushi!"


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