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Lemon and Water vs. Coffee

Tuesday morning, I started my day with about 16 oz. of water and the juice from one full lemon.  I was a bit impressed because I didn't end up with a caffeine headache, and I even felt energized enough to go to a nice hot yoga class!  (It's been a while since I've gone to a class or even done anything at home)  Yay yoga!!  My day went well.  No obvious effects of no caffeine, and I think I felt pretty energized.  I am a firm believer in mind over body, so it may have been merely psychological.

Wednesday, I overslept.  Not sure if that had something to do with being overly tired, or a low volume on my alarm...I didn't get my lemon water until after I dropped the kids off at school.  Still, no caffeine headache, but I did feel a little off.  Regardless I stuck to my guns, went to another hot yoga class (yay, yoga!).  Was feeling a bit weak at some moments, but I think it was lack of water and pushing myself too hard.  Again, here, water=life!  Perhaps I pushed myself too…