Saturday, May 7, 2011

First Things First

So after much mulling over, I've decided to start blogging.  Not because I've deemed myself all important, I just have some important things to say.

I'm a wife and a mom, I write grants for a small non-profit in DC that helps low-income families become more self-sufficient.  I am also gluten-intolerant, which makes cooking meals in my house a bit more tricky and interesting.  I pay attention to politics because I believe that you can't complain about the system unless you participate in the system.  I love my children and I want the best in life for them.  I am an active participant in my son's school and plan on keeping it like that until my daughter graduates.  I don't really do PTA, though, there's only so much I can do.  I am a very lucky wife - my husband is a chef and makes the most incredible meals!  I'm working on the whole cooking thing myself...I must say, I'm getting better.

I am a sociologist at heart. I have a degree in Sociology and I studied social problems and poverty in college not necessarily because I wanted to write research papers and be published, but because I am fascinated with human behavior and society itself.  I see things that amaze me about ourselves, our nation and our society itself.

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I believe our children are our future, as corny as that may's a true fact we really can't navigate around with politics, fancy Hollywood movies, pundits, and wars.  Education is probably the most important and the most under-funded institution in this country.  There will be a point at which our children wont be able to compete in a "global economy" because we've left them in dust.  But, without a voice in politics, they might as well resort to trade schools and retail.  I vow to give my children a voice and make sure I make it a loud one!

Now, posts may come from my heart, my mind or just the bottom of my shoe - cause there is some stuff that I end up stepping in that I find worth sharing.

I do hope to make things entertaining...a bit of this, a bit of that, an occasional gluten-free recipe or tid bit from my amazing chef husband.  It may not be brilliant or inspiring, but it just may be...Reid Me! to find out.

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  1. So cool, dear! Enjoy the blogging ride and see where it takes you. I wish you the best. :)