How Representative?

A small post today...

I am not shocked by the behavior of some of our elected officials, and I find it rather funny when people become outraged that "so-and-so" did "such-and-such" and now it's become a scandal.

We elect people to represent us every-day people.  Do we expect them to be super-human, above average, and perfect?  Well, yeah, we do.  But they're still human.  They make mistakes, they err.  Unfortunately, some of them make really dumb mistakes and leave proof (like pictures or a whole child!)  I am not condoning such behavior, I am just merely stating a fact.  We elect people to make laws, uphold the rights of the citizens they represent and make good decisions.  It's the making good decisions part that I think was left out in several of these cases.  Sure, it's okay to make mistakes.  Just make sure it's not something that will end up getting you fired, put in jail or make you end up looking bad in front of an entire country of people.

And I really must just say it once, because, well, I just can't help it:

So did he really think that becoming a Congressional representative would earn him enough respect that people wouldn't make fun of his name??


  1. Just a little something that relates to my post above. I found this a great op-ed piece!


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